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Booming, multi-talented Hadewych Minis, actor and singer, meets the top singers of the Nederlands Kamerkoor. They absorb themselves in Shakespeare’s world-renowned play The Tempest. Is it a lecture, is it a concert? One thing is sure: ‘foul is fair, and fair is foul’. Nothing is what it seems, not with Shakespeare. Not in… The Tempest.

With a world premiere of Rob Zuidam for Hadewych Minis and the Nederlands Kamerkoor, text written by Spinvis.

Nederlands Kamerkoor - programmabeeld De Storm

Nederlands Kamerkoor
Manoj Kamps conductor

Hadewych Minis lecturer 
Spinvis text
Tido Visser concept

Claudio Monteverdi | Zefiro torna e bel tempo rimena
Eric Whitacre | This Marriage
Sofia Goebaidoelina | Hommage à Marina Tsvetayeva  (deel 1)
Evelin Seppar | Near
Frank Martin | Songs of Ariel
Jurriaan Andriessen | Sonnet 43
Rob Zuidam | De Storm (nieuw werk voor koor en solostem)

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