150 Psalms in 150 days
Day 76: Awesome, triumphant God



anoniem (old Roman chant): Terra tremuit, et quievit
Performance: Det Norske Solistkor (The Norwegian Soloists' Choir) - Grete Pedersen
Concert recording: Parmando 24Culture



9. Terra tremuit et quievit
10. cum exsurgeret in judicium Deus,
ut salvos faceret omnes mansuetos terræ.
11. Quoniam cogitatio hominis confitebitur tibi,
et reliquiæ cogitationis diem festum agent tibi.
12. Vovete et reddite Domino Deo vestro,
omnes qui in circuitu ejus affertis munera:
13. et ei qui aufert spiritum principum:
terribili apud reges terræ.

9. De aarde verstomde vol ontzag
10. toen God opstond om recht te spreken,
om alle verdrukten van de aarde te bevrijden.
11. Want mensen kunnen razen wat ze willen,
in jou moeten ze hun meerdere erkennen,
met hun razernij omgord jij jezelf.
12. Doe beloften aan de Levende, jullie God,
en houd je eraan! Alle mensen omringen hem
en brengen hun gaven aan hem die ontzag afdwingt.
13. Die de overmoed van vorsten beknot,
die ontzagwekkend is voor de koningen van de aarde.

9. The earth feared and became calm.
10. When God rises for judgment,
to save all the humble of the earth forever.
11. For man’s anger will thank you;
it will prevent the residue of wrath.
12. Vow and pay to the Lord your God;
all those around Him will bring a gift
to Him who is to be feared.
13. He will cut down the spirit of princes;
He will be feared by the kings of the earth.

150 Psalms to fill a global silence

The Netherlands Chamber Choir (Nederlands Kamerkoor) will be streaming 150 Psalms, set to music by 150 composers, over the course of 150 days. The Psalms’ themes, based on texts from thousands of years ago, are nowadays as relevant as they were when they were written. The Psalms sing about hope and sorrow, about leaders in trying times and about powerlessness and the joy of life. The Psalms form a mirror of our society. The Netherlands Chamber Choir, the Tallis Scholars, the Norwegian Soloists’ Choir and the Choir of Trinity Wall Street are sharing these performances with the world, hoping it will fill the silence, and bring a moment of hope in the world. We are immensely looking forward to meeting our audiences again in real life. The performances were recorded by Parmando 24Culture.


Theme of this Psalm: Trust

Like Akhenaten before him, Moses and his people chose to worship a single god as creator of heaven and earth. They were in those days probably more an Egyptian separatist tribe than the Jews who after their wanderings arrived in Canaan, and even then they were probably still separatist Egyptians who only much later, during the Babylonian exile, really defined themselves as Jews. Whether he called his god Yahweh or Aton, man believed in the miracle of the creation, his creation. Swüste: ‘The admiration and astonishment at the creation of heaven and earth. And the joy of liberation, liberation from slavery, from injustice. And of course we create people too, and work towards liberating ourselves or others. But here a realization prevails that we can’t manage it alone.

It is given to us, it is a gift.’It is the firm trust in the rightness of the creation and the creator that is expressed in psalms such as Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott, this time by Georg Philip Telemann, orGreat is the Lord by Edward Elgar, Plaudite omnis terra by Giovanni Gabrieli, Die Himmel rühmen by Ludwig van Beethoven, Laudate Domini by Bernadino Nanino,Confi tebor Domine by Marc-Antoine Charpentier and Jauchzet dem Herrn by Johann Pachelbel. Trust is also expressed in the tranquillity of Blagoslovi Dushe Moya Gospoda(Praise the Lord, O my soul) from the Vespers of Sergei Rachmaninov. Whether we call it karma or Fatum or destiny, it’s about a rock-solid trust, or as Psalm 76 says: ‘Terra tremuit, et quievit’ (The earth trembled, and was still). Again and again. That is theunchangeability in the changeable. ‘Thou visitest the earth.… Thou waterest her furrows,thou sendest rain into the little valleys thereof.’ Year in, year out. As a gift.

Musicological concept and programme note: Leo Samama (2017)

Note: this programme note was taken from the programme booklet for the original project in 2017. The performance order of the Psalms was different to the way we will be streaming the Psalms online. Nonetheless these notes may provide you with additional background information on the musicological concept and the Psalm themes.


About 150 Psalms


150 Psalms was initiated by the Netherlands Chamber Choir and its artistic and general manager Tido Visser in 2017. During the Early Music Festival in Utrecht (NL), the Netherlands Chamber Choir, the Tallis Scholars, the Norwegian Soloists’ Choir and the Choir of Trinity Wall Street performed a ‘monumental ode to 1,000 years choral music’. In 12 concerts spread over 2 days, they performed musical settings of all 150 Psalms by 150 different composers. The Psalms, arranged into 12 different themes by theologian Gerard Swüste, are a combination of both older and newer compositions. This marathon-concert tour premiered during the Early Music Festival Utrecht (NL) in 2017, followed by performances in New York (2017), Brussels (2018) and Adelaide (2020).



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