Foto door Foppe Schut

Australia & New Zealand tour

24 February 2020

The Netherlands Chamber Choir is going down under to bring 150 Psalms, the monumental ode to 1,000 years of choral music, to the Australian audience during the Adelaide Festival! The Choir will be joined by our friends from the Tallis Scholars, Det Norske Solistkor and the Australian-based The Song Company to perform 150 psalms by 150 composers in only 4 days. Afterwards, the Choir will be continuing their journey to New Zealand, where they will perform two highlight programmes during the Wellington NZ Festival of the Arts.

On this page we’ll keep you updated about our adventures down under, both on the stage and behind the scenes. Make sure to visit often and accompany us on a wonderful adventure!



Foto door Foppe Schut

150 Psalms

Adelaide Festival

Best of 150 Psalms & more

NZ Festival of the Arts, Wellington

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