Di Lasso’s Tears of St. Peter

In Tears of St Peter, the Netherlands Chamber Choir and dancer Marijn Rademaker perform Di Lasso’s masterpiece about idealism and forgiveness.

19 January until 22 January

Het Nederlands Kamerkoor zingt o.l.v. Paul Van Nevel een a-capellaprogramma volledig gebaseerd op het hexachord ut-re-mi-fa-sol.

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  • 14 April until 16 April

    Bach’s masterpiece of Passion music, performed with the Residentie Orkest. This year’s edition will be conducted by Peter Dijkstra.

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  • 24 May until 5 June

    Attention: due to the Covid-19 measures, we are unable to continue developing this show within the current possibilities. We are therefore postponing this tour to May 2022 and currently exploring options with the concert halls and theatres. Ticket holders will receive notification from their box offices.  Vivian used to be trapped in the body of […]

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