English polyphony led by Paul Van Nevel

This season, the Nederlands Kamerkoor will perform music from the Middle ages again. The best way to do this, is of course together with the early music specialist Paul Van Nevel. He collected works from fourteenth century English Polyfony.

From none of the works in this programme the composer is known. In contrast to their colleagues from the European mainland, these anonymous English composers did not emphasize their own identity. Nonetheless, these English works are characterised by originality. The English composers used techniques that were unknown on the mainland, and blended profane melodies with Latin sacral texts. The result is surprisingly beautiful.

Polyfony from Engeland (1300-1400), all works are anonymous:

  • Victime Paschali laudes Paassequentia à 3   
  • Stella maris illustrans omnia cantilena à 3
  • Virgo salvavit hominem gymel à 2 & 3
  • Sumer is icumen in / Pes : Sing cuccu canon à 4
  • Exulta Syon / Exulta Syon filia / Exulta Syon filia iam noli flere / En ai je bien trouvé quadruple motet
  • En Albion de fluus environen ballade à 3 voor Edward III
  • Candens crescit lilium / Candens lilium columbina – motet à 4
  • Dou way Robin / Veni mater gracie motet à 2
  • Nova ! Nova ! Ave fit ex Eva! 
  • Two mass-parts: Kyrie Cuthberthe prece à 3
    Sanctus à 3
  • Mater ora filium sequentia à 3

Nederlands Kamerkoor
Paul Van Nevel conductor


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