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Chief-conductor Peter Dijkstra compiled a masterly programme with a timeless theme: the wandering soul, drifting between heaven and earth. Do we listen to god’s command, or do we give in to earthly temptations?

Benjamin Britten must have struggled with this question. It can be heard in one of his most beautiful choral works: Sacred and Profane, written to medieval texts. The lure of the temporary sounds comical but heartbreaking in Berio’s Cries of London, about street vendors in 16th century. The works of the Swedish Lars Johan Werle complete the programme, Peter Dijkstra became familiar with the composer whilst he was chief-conductor of the Swedish Radio Choir. A ‘classic’ choral programme with a timeless touch.

Benjamin Britten – Hymn to St. Cecilia
Gabriel Jackson – Ave regina caelorum
Luciano Berio – Cries of London
Lars Johan Werle – Orpheus
Lars Johan Werle – Canzona 126 di Francesco Petrarca opus 6
Benjamin Britten – Sacred and profane

Peter Dijkstra

Nederlands Kamerkoor & Peter Dijkstra


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