Can you hear me? Can you see me? The Netherlands Chamber Choir (Nederlands Kamerkoor) is presenting a digital chamber choir opera in collaboration with Dutch singer songwriter Spinvis and composer Joost Kleppe. Choir of Chambers presents the story of the singers of the Netherlands Chamber Choir, recorded within the confines of their own homes. The video is a semi-autobiographical window into the lives of self-employed musicians who, each in their own way, are faced with the challenges preventing them from practicing their greatest passion.

The stories in this video are the stories of the singers of the Netherlands Chamber Choir in times of crisis. Part relatable, part amusing, and especially heartbreaking. Think of online pub quizzes, awkward Zoom-meetings, or a husband and wife in an argument in front of a camera. A singer quarantined in the northern region of Italy, or two siblings in Portugal unable to visit their mother who suffers from dementia.

For Choir of Chambers the Netherlands Chamber Choir joins forces with Dutch singer-songwriter Spinvis (Erik de Jong) composer Joost Kleppe.

The chamber choir opera will premier during the 41st symposium of the ‘Veerstichting’, due to circumstances this year held online and and presented as ‘Veertueel Verbonden’. The Veerstichting is an organisation which connects young, ambitieus students with the ‘shapers’ of society, like politicians, CEOs, administrators and scientists. Brought together by the theme ‘Who is responsible here?’ there are challenged to think about what it means to take responsibility, especially in times of crisis. Participating in the symposium (in Dutch) is free and can be arranged through the website of the Veerstichting. After the premiere, Choir of Chambers will be available through the website of the Netherlands Chamber Choir.


Choir of Chambers – a virtual chamber choir opera

Netherlands Chamber Choir (Nederlands Kamerkoor)

Heleen Koele
Annet Lans
Mónica Monteiro
Elsbeth Gerritsen
Dorien Lievers
Eline Welle
Maria Chiara Gallo
Stefan Berghammer
Alberto ter Doest
William Knight
Joāo Moreira
Kees Jan de Koning
Gilad Nezer
Jasper Schweppe
Michiel Meijer
Jonathan Woody
Spinvis lyrics, composition and singing
Joost Kleppe composition
Tido Visser idea
Onno van Ameijde recording and editing
Arjan van Asselt audio engineer
With thanks to:
Esther Gottschalk

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