Music by Orlando di Lasso, Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, Antoine Brumel, Josquin Desprez, Costanzo Festa, Stefano Felis, Robert de Fevin en Francesco Soriano

Netherlands Chamber Choir (Nederlands Kamerkoor)
Paul Van Nevel conductor

The Netherlands Chamber Choir opens the new concert season with the five-part video and podcast series DoReMiFaSol. In this series, recorded during the lockdown, Paul Van Nevel explores exceptional repertoire based entirely on the precursor of the modern Western scale: the hexachord ut-re-mi-fa-sol-la. In this series, musician and presenter Calmer Roos talks to the maestro about the historical and modern importance of this series of notes, about the sometimes colourful pasts of a selection of composers and about listening to early music.

The conversations are interspersed with recordings of works that consist solely of notes from the hexachord. Taking the imposing Missa ut re mi fa sol la by Antoine Brumel as a basis, Van Nevel has compiled a programme in which the Netherlands Chamber Choir tackles  large-scale medieval solfeggio exercises that would trip up even Boulez. One thing is certain: with dizzying rhythmic motifs, hexachord mutations and interchange of parts, there is plenty of variety in these six notes.


Concert calendar

  • Fri. 2 September 2022


    from 2 September, a new episode every Friday (in Dutch) can be viewed via and listened to via the usual podcast apps

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