Orlando di Lasso Lamentationes Jeremiæ Prophetæ
Evelin Seppar Cities
Luciano Berio Cries of London
Marijn Simons City of the Soul

The Netherlands Chamber Choir celebrates 900 years of city rights for Utrecht with a musical hommage to the city and city life in the new video recording Downtown Uptown. From the Werkspoorkathedraal in Utrecht the choir, conducted by chief conductor Peter Dijkstra, sings about the city in all its shapes:  from a bustling metropolis in Berio’s Cries of London to flashbacks to the desolate streets during the pandemic with Di Lasso’s masterful lamentations of the prophet Jeremiah, based on the destruction of the city of Jerusalem. The music in the video is interpersed with readings by poet Radna Fabias, winner of the Dutch Poetry Prize 2019. For her debut Habitas she let herself be inspired by the city and city life.

Downtown Uptown will be published online on October 7 and can be watched on-demand through this site. You can already watch a clip from the recording with Luciano Berio’s Cries of London:

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  • Fri. 7 October 2022


    can be watched on-demand from October 7 

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