David Lang the writings (part European premiere)
Shiva Feshareki New work
Miriam Kruishoop Living in America (video installation)

Nederlands Kamerkoor
Martina Batič conductor
Shiva Feshareki DJ, electronics
Miriam Kruishoop video
Lisette Ma Neza slam poet
Tido Visser idea

Meet the Netherlands Chamber Choir, one of the world’s most celebrated choirs, in a special crossover performance and ode to powerful women throughout the ages! In Ester, contemplative choral sounds blend together with hypnotizing soundscapes created by DJ and turntable artist Shiva Feshareki, spoken word by Lisette Ma Neza, and the enthralling slow-motion dance by BOSSLADY, filmed by video maker and visual artist Miriam Kruishoop. Inspired by the Biblical figure Ester, an ancient icon of female empowerment, this show connects old and new stories of female empowerment in a gripping crossover performance.

The counterpoint for the almost meditative choir music is made up by soundscapes created by the British-Iranian Shiva Feshareki. Shiva, whose music is described as the most “cutting-edge expression of turntablism” (Strange Sounds from Beyond) and “a terrific sonic experience” (The Times), is a game-changing British-Iranian experimental composer and artist. She uses an array of technology ranging from vintage analogue tape echo and vinyl turntables to state-of-the-art 360° ambisonic technology.

These two worlds of old and new are linked together through a screened choreography featuring Niaya Jones a.k.a. BOSSLADY, an 18-year-old dancer born and raised in the projects of South Central Los Angeles. Her krumping dance, filmed by award-winning video maker and visual artist Miriam Kruishoop, and played in extreme slow-motion, depicts the story of a Gen Z teen growing up in one of the poorest and toughest neighborhoods in LA. Her dance shows the hardships she had to endure – watching her best friend get shot by the police, and growing up without a father as he was incarcerated most of his life.

Lisette Ma Neza introduces the show with a spoken word performance. Lisette is not only the first woman, but also the first person of colour to win the Belgian Slam Poetry championship. She travels around the world with her performance, lookin for answers to the big questions of her generations with a stroke of a pen and the sound of her voice.

Concert calendar

  • Wed. 13 October 2021 18:30


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  • Wed. 13 October 2021 20:15

    Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ - Amsterdam

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  • Thu. 14 October 2021 20:15

    Concertgebouw de Vereeniging - Nijmegen

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  • Fri. 15 October 2021 18:30

    TivoliVredenburg - Utrecht

    met afterconcert door Lisette Ma Neza and the Poetry Band

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    Utrecht - TivoliVredenburg / Pieterskerk
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  • Wed. 20 October 2021 20:00

    Muziekcentrum - Enschede

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  • Fri. 22 October 2021 20:15

    De Doelen - Rotterdam

    gewijzigde aanvangstijd

    met afterconcert door Lisette Ma Neza and the Poetry Band

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  • Sun. 24 October 2021 16:00

    Amare - Den Haag

    Geannuleerd – deze technisch complexe voorstelling kan nog niet worden gefaciliteerd in Amare. Dit hangt samen met de vertraagde oplevering van het gebouw. We verwijzen u graag door naar het concert in Rotterdam op 22 oktober – ticketkopers zijn reeds geïnformeerd door Amare.

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