Dementia is the most common cause of death in the Netherlands. Tido Visser, managing director of the Nederlands Kamerkoor, watched his father – the famous opera singer Lieuwe Visser – sink further and further into Lewy body dementia. A form of dementia that gives rise not only to forgetfulness, but also hallucinations, illusions and suspicion. Lieuwe saw swirling rivers rushing through the streets, he saw little men sitting on the roof. His suffering was heartbreaking, and the powerlessness with which his nearest and dearest had to witness that suffering no less so. It is, alas, a daily reality for thousands of patients and their carers. Now, five years after Lieuwe’s death, with music as the main ingredient, we ask ourselves the question: what did he go through? Where does the mind end and the universe begin? A journey through the furthest reaches of the dementia sufferer’s mind, on waves of music.

Nederlands Kamerkoor
Peter Dijkstra conductor
Arjan Ederveen actor
Erik Bosgraaf recorder
Jorrit Tamminga electronics
Spinvis texts


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