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The Nederlands Kamerkoor meets philosopher and journalist Rob Wijnberg in a lecture and concert on the Idea of Progress.

Who dares? 1610: murderer and prince Gesualdo composes notes that still feel modern nowadays. 1610: Monteverdi almost single-handedly invents the opera, but continues to write an ultraconservative mass. 1610: Galileo turned science upside down with a new publication, and antagonized the Vatican.

Who dares? 2016: is progress actually beatific? To what extent should we go? Who else but Rob Wijnberg can give us new insights with ancient composers.

De legendary conductor Peter Phillips, founder of the Tallis Scholars, returns to the Nederlands Kamerkoor after his success in 2014. “Peter Phillips makes old choral music eventful”, wrote NRC Handelsblad.

Nicolas Gombert Magnificat VI
Orlando di Lasso Timor et tremor
Carlo Gesualdo Ave dulcissima Maria
Carlo Gesualdo Maria, mater gratiae
Claudio Monteverdi Missa In illo tempore
Andries van Rossem 3 madrigalen (only in Arnhem)

Nederlands Kamerkoor
Peter Phillips conductor
Rob Wijnberg lecturer

Peter Phillips credit Albert Roosenberg 2013

Concert calendar

  • Fri. 30 September 2016 20:00

    Muziekcentrum - Enschede

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  • Sat. 1 October 2016 20:15

    Grote of Jacobijnerkerk - Leeuwarden

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  • Sun. 2 October 2016 20:30

    Concertzaal - Tilburg

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  • Tue. 4 October 2016 20:15

    Musis - Arnhem

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  • Wed. 5 October 2016 20:00

    De Singel - Antwerp

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  • Thu. 6 October 2016 20:15

    De Oosterpoort - Groningen

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  • Fri. 7 October 2016 20:15

    Pieterskerk - Utrecht

    Voorprogramma (19.45): Goudsch Kamerkoor

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  • Sat. 8 October 2016 20:15

    Nieuwe Kerk - The Hague

    Supporting programme (19.45): Cappella Stella Maris

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