NKK NXT 21/22, the fifth edition of the talent development programme of the Netherlands Chamber Choir, explores the relevancy of the requiem by transforming it into a vibrant ritual. In Re:quiem, the singers break with traditions of remembrance and create a living requiem, an homage to both end and new beginning. At the hands of the seven singers, the traditional mass for the death becomes a seven-part exploration of themes like remembrance and hope, covering centuries of music and thoughts from Tomas Luís de Victoria to Meredith Monk. Through physical and vocal improvisations they invigorate music and performance, leading to new ways of ensemble singing. A concert that makes a requiem more human and relatable: a song in search of beliefs.


This is a performance by NKK NXT, the talent development programme of the Netherlands Chamber Choir. The Netherlands Chamber Choir itself is not performing in this production. Read more about NKK NXT and the talent development programme here


This project is supported by Stichting Virtutis Opus.

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