The Nederlands Kamerkoor ushers in the new year with a spectacular a cappella programme. The Russian singer and researcher Daniil Sayapin has collected some unique scores from Russian convents and archives. Works in the so-called Strochnoe tradition, which with their astonishing harmonies may sound strange to Western ears. With Sayapin as precentor, the Nederlands Kamerkoor will draw on this magnificent collection of music to reconstruct an 17th-century Requiem. Alfred Schnittke’s Concerto for Choir is an accessible and moving work that is based on the traditional choral concerto as it was developed for liturgical use in Russia during the 17th century. Obscure Russian sounds from a rich musical past.

This concert forms part of the Nederlands Kamerkoor’s Ovation tour, which was the prize they received in 2017 from the association of Dutch concert hall and theatre managements.

Anonymous Russian Requiem – Great Panikhada (memorial service in honour of the departed)
Alfred Schnittke Concerto for Choir

Nederlands Kamerkoor
Peter Dijkstra chief-conductor


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