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Avant-garde composer Philip Glass turns 80. In the prelude to his birthday, the Nederlands Kamerkoor and chief-conductor Peter Dijkstra perform chamber choir works by Philip Glass and composers he inspired.

Glass is seen as the ‘Godfather of minimal music’, even though Glass rather calls his own work ‘music with a repetitive structure’. The programme is complemented with works by Arvo Pärt, David Lang and Thomas Jennefelt, the ‘musical soulmate’ of Glass.

Arvo Pärt Solfeggio
Philip Glass Three songs for chorus a cappella
Thomas Jennefelt Villarosa sarialdi
David Lang Where you go
Arvo Pärt Da pacem Domine
Thomas Jennefelt Vinamintra elitavi
Philip Glass – Another look at harmony part 4

Peter Dijkstra



  • Wed. 25 January 2017 21:00

    Concertgebouw - Amsterdam


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  • Thu. 26 January 2017 20:00

    Grote Kerk - Enschede

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  • Sat. 28 January 2017 20:30

    Concertzaal - Tilburg

    Supporting programme (20.00): Tilburgs Vocaal Ensemble

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  • Sun. 29 January 2017 20:15

    De Oosterpoort - Groningen

    Supporting programme (19.45): Jong Vocaal Groningen

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