Bach’s St John Passion, precursor to the legendary St Matthew Passion, is growing in popularity in the Netherlands, and rightly so. While Bach’s St Matthew Passion is primarily contemplative and narrative, his St John Passion contains more movement and drama. It results in a concert experience that is more compelling and focuses primarily on the role of Jesus as the saviour of humanity. Chief conductor Peter Dijkstra conducts his own Nederlands Kamerkoor and the baroque ensemble Concerto Köln in a critically acclaimed vision of Bach’s repertoire.

Johann Sebastian Bach
St. John Passion

Nederlands Kamerkoor
Concerto Köln
Peter Dijkstra chief conductor

Benedikt Kristjánsson Evangelist, tenor
Konstantin Krimmel Christ
Johanna Winkel soprano
Tilman Lichdi tenor*
Benno Schachtner countertenor
Tobias Berndt bas

*only in Leipzig


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