Netherlands Chamber Choir
Slagwerk Den Haag
Peter Dijkstra chief conductor
Maya Fridman cello
Laurence Bonvin visuals

The title of this special program refers to the material on which man built the industrial revolution. The steel made from raw materials that we extract from the earth. Stolen perhaps. Mined to use for our purposes. But do we know its real powers? Do we have an eye for the unforeseen side effects? And what if those forces turn against us?

Get to know the power of what you mine before you use it.

That seems to be the message of the intoxicating piece Curse upon Iron by Veljo Tormis.


Cellist Maya Fridman will lead the Nederlands Kamerkoor and Slagwerk Den Haag in a concert that questions our relationship as humans with nature. As human beings we place ourselves outside nature. But aren’t we ourselves part of it? Isn’t our ‘culture’ just ‘nature’?

In addition to Curse upon Iron, there will also be Sonnengesang by Sofia Goebaidoelina, for choir, cello and percussion, and improvisations by singers from NKK NXT, the talent development program of the Nederlands Kamerkoor. The Swiss filmmaker Laurence Bonvin made images of the Swiss Aletsch glacier for this production.


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