“The world is burning, and we have ourselves to blame.” Even today Jeremiah’s message captivates the mind. His elegies or lamentations are over 2500 years old, and are being put to music for centuries. As the tradition prescribes, after every lamentation a candle is quenched. This way, the last lamentation sounds in utter darkness. An almost spiritual experience, which should guide us in the right direction. Because there is hope for a better future, says Jeremiah.

The Flemish conductor Paul Van Nevel has been a very welcome guest in the Netherlands for decades. Together with the Nederlands Kamerkoor he presents a programme of the most exquisite English lamentations from the 16th and 17th century. By candlelight, ending in… complete darkness.

Nederlands Kamerkoor - programmabeeld De Laatste Lamentatie

Nederlands Kamerkoor
Paul Van Nevel conductor

Gilbert Banaster – Vos secli iusti iudices
Anonymous – Tu cum virgineo
Edmund Sturton – Gaude Virgo Mater Christi à 6
Robert White – Magnificat à 4, 6 & 8 / Lamentations à 5 & 6


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