Renske Vrolijk #uncut (world premiere)

Nederlands Kamerkoor
BL!NDMAN [sax]
ORBI – The Oscillating Revenge of the Background Instruments
Krista Audere conductor

Eline Welle Vivian (mezzo soprano)
William Knight Vivian (tenor)
Syl Becht, Amélie Knape, Irene Kortlever Vivian (child)

Renske Vrolijk idea and composition
Annechien Koerselman concept, libretto en musical dramaturgy
Wendela de Vos libretto
SMITH, Lise Bruyneel visuals
Tido Visser mise en espace

Vivian used to be trapped in the body of a boy. This is her story. Uncut. And yes, that is the question she is most often asked.

The tough and poetic production#uncut tells the story of Vivian, a trans woman. She looks back on a transition that was not only courageous, but also still poses problems for her. After a lengthy process of psychological examination and medical interventions, she is now who she wanted to be. Isn’t she? But what to do with her past? What to do with the old photos? Who was she then, and who is she now? ‘You’re happy now, aren’t you?’ She hears that all too often. But is she?

In a collage of flashbacks, set against the here and now, Vivian hurtles along the emotional roller coaster of the before and after of her decision, which was not a decision. No decision was possible. Because it was as it was, as it is, as it should be.

The experiences and background of the composer herself – Renske Vrolijk – are the starting point for this semi-autobiographical music theatre performance. Renske invited the Nederlands Kamerkoor, which she admired and was inspired by from a young age, to share this story with the world together. A story which starts with the human voice.

Renske Vrolijk is the composer of this music-theatre performance that has strong autobiographical elements. Renske’s musical language is irresistible and unruly, and is performed by two of the ‘hippest’ensembles of the Low Countries: the roaring ORBI (The Oscillating Revenge of the Background Instruments) and saxophone quartet BL!NDMAN [sax] directed by Krista Audere, youngest recipient of the Eric Ericson Award for conductors. The Nederlands Kamerkoor sings and plays the family, the judging and condemning masses, the thrill seekers and the team of doctors, in a production that, by definition, will be sensational.

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