The All-Night Vigil or Vespers from Rachmaninov belongs to the greatest of all choral repertoire. One could say it is like the Fifth of Mahler for choral music: a piece of symphonic proportions which has been entrancing people for decades. Rachmaninov is mostly known for his piano concertos and symphonies, but he is an absolute master in the writing of choral music. The title Vespers is actually incorrect since only the first six of the fifteen parts of this beautiful piece are meant for the Russian-Orthodox vesper service. The meaning of this piece transcends any tradition: the solace and stillness that it expresses is unprecedented. It is no wonder that the Vespers counts as one of to the favorites of the composer himself. A beautiful ending of the triptych of which the Nederlands Kamerkoor celebrates its 80 year existence.

Sergej Rachmaninov All-Night Vigil 37 (Vespers)

Nederlands Kamerkoor
Peter Dijkstra chief-conductor


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