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Every year, the Nederlands Kamerkoor festively heralds Christmas with Bach’s Christmas Oratorio. This year, the Nederlands Kamerkoor works together with one of the grooviest baroque ensembles of Europe: the Belgian B’Rock. The complete Christmas Oratorio will be performed: starting with the festive cantata for the First Day of Christmas, up until the one for Epiphany. The two ensembles are led by chief-conductor Peter Dijkstra. “Jubilant sounds”, the Telegraaf wrote on the Christmas Oratoria of 2015, also conducted by Peter Dijkstra 

J.S. Bach – Weihnachts-Oratorium BWV 248
Cantate 1 – 6

Performers and conductor
Nederlands Kamerkoor
Peter Dijkstra conductor

Mikael Stenbaek Evangelist/ tenor
Ruby Hughes soprano
Marian Dijkhuizen alto
Jasper Schweppe bas


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