Hanne van de Vrie – new Artistic Director NKK NXT and Manager Education

22 June 2023

The Nederlands Kamerkoor (NKK) has appointed Hanne van de Vrie as artistic director of NKK NXT and manager of education. She will focus on the artistic leadership of NKK NXT, the very successful traineeship for young professional singers, and the development of the educational activities of the Nederlands Kamerkoor. Hanne will succeed Imre Ploeg on August 21, who will become artistic director of Consensus Vocalis. The NKK thanks Imre for everything he has done for the NKK and NKK NXT and congratulates him on this great step.

Tido Visser and Laura de By, the management of the NKK, are very happy with Hanne’s appointment: “Her experience with the genre of choral music, but also her quality as a creative and artistic maker, perfectly matches the needs of young singers. She makes the connection with other art disciplines and is an asset in terms of policy and strategy. Moreover, we look forward to working with Hanne to further deepen the encounters between the trainees of NKK NXT and the singers of the Nederlands Kamerkoor.”

Guiding Young vocalists

Hanne van de Vrie graduated in 2009 as a Music teacher at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. She then worked in various roles on music (theatre) projects for various art and educational institutions, companies and venues. As conductor of Operahelden, she is affiliated with the Dutch National Opera and leads her own children’s choir KK030 and women’s choir Vrij Vocaal in Utrecht. “I am very much looking forward to the artistic leadership of NKK NXT. I look forward to guiding young vocalists at the start of their career, literally and figuratively making their own voices heard as singing makers. How do we express the questions of today and the future? It is fantastic to be able to do that with the Nederlands Kamerkoor, a world-class ensemble, to use my experience in the field of education and participation to share the beauty of vocal music with an even wider and new audience.”



With NKK NXT, the traineeship for young professionals, the Nederlands Kamerkoor trains young and talented singers and makers to become ensemble singers of the future. The Nederlands Kamerkoor invests in the development of these talents through a temporary appointment as a trainee, coaching from the organization and singers of the Nederlands Kamerkoor itself and supervision of cultural professionals in the fields of stage presentation, choreography and artistic development. NKK NXT is a bridge between the recently graduated singer or maker and the professional field: an opportunity to gain experience in the cultural sector, but also to experiment, make new connections and develop your own artistic vision.

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