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Dvd-box ‘The Matthäus-Passion from Reinbert de Leeuw

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The Nederlands kamerkoor and Holland Baroque went on tour with Reinbert de Leeuw in 2015. He led ensembles through Bachs greatest masterpiece: The Matthäus-Passion. The concerts were received with praise: “With Reinbert de Leeuws Matthäus count the experience and the musical truth…”, said De Volkskrant.

The documentary De Matthäus-Missie van Reinbert de Leeuw brings the preparation and special approach of the Leeuw on screen in a moving way. The concertregistration is recorded in de Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam. In addition to the film, this box also contains the concert recording on dvd.

Dvd 1: The Matthäus-Missie from Reinbert de Leeuw – Documentary from Cherry Duyns
Dvd 2: Concertfilm – Recorded in the Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam
Cd 1-3: Concertrecording

Nederlands Kamerkoor
Holland Baroque Concertmaster: Judits Steenbrink
Reinbert de Leeuw Conductor
Roder Jongenskoor

Benedikt Kristjánsson evangelist
Andreas Wolf Christ
Joanne Lunn soprano
Deplhine Galou alt
Christopher Watson tenor
Tomas Král bas

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