Stadhouders: Henosis


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Composer: Bram Stadhouders
Conductor: Klaas Stok

The musical visit from the Nederlands Kamerkoor to the jazz  turns out well. Bram Stadhouders proves with Henosis that classical and jazz/improvisation are two completely different disciples that can be united to one work. A great intense and organic experience of the bombastic but also very intimate ambiances. With perfect synergie between conductor, choir and improvisors.

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In the media:

Volkskrant: “Stadhouders keeps the continuous excitement with sometimes furious electric play, or sometimes embracing acoustic play. The clever improvisations where drummer Onno Govaert gets a lot of room, contain themselves every time just in time to give the classic choir singing room.” “A stimulating combination” thus the 4-star review.

Jazzmagazine Jazzenzo: “The Nederlands Kamerkoor and the keyboards and electronics of David Hoogerheid form a vast soundlandscape, that keeps shifting its shape. Bram Stadhouders was seen these last years frequently in the company of musicians from Norway. He visited the country several times as well. The opennes of the country, the loneliness and the extensiveness have definitely inspired him during the composing. That is why ambiance is an important part of ‘Henosis’. An ambiance that has the character of Pink Floyd’s Cirrus Minor, but with an influence of Bram Stadhouders. Sometimes Henosis looks a little like one the great music projects from Philip Glass, like Koonanisquatsi, Monsters of Grace, but especially Einstein on the Beach. The whimsicality, unpredictability and beautiful balance between rhythms and melodies that characterize these opera-like works, sneak through Henosis as well. With that, the work gets lifted to a higher standard and it immediately takes its leading place in the current musicregion.

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Zing magazine: “The composition Henosis (unity) of Bram Stadhouders for improvising trio, consisting of guitar/electronics, keys/electronics and percussion has become a fascinating musical landscape. The part of the Nederlands Kamerkoor is impressive. Sometimes there is a wall of symphonic-like sounds, and then there are beautifully musical pieces,” …”It is no easy listening music for the first time. Play it a few times and a new fascinating world of sound will unfold.” thus the 5-star review.