Mónica Monteiro – The Personal Archive Sessions

7 September 2023

With The Personal Archive Sessions, the Netherlands Chamber Choir presents a unique series of five episodes about the personal musical preferences of the top singers of the Nederlands Kamerkoor. Together with their colleagues they perform their own chosen music and talk about their choice. It leads to a moving series of personal conversations and intimate performances. In this session we meet Mónica Monteiro, soprano of the Netherlands Chamber Choir.


‘It had everything I wanted to hear in a song, in terms of melodies and harmonies and all the spaces filled with beautiful sound.’


Mónica is a proud Portuguese and has been a soprano with the Netherlands Chamber Choir for many years. To start, she chose the piece À Memória de Anarda, by the Portuguese composer Pedro Faria Gomes, because she first heard it at a very crucial moment in her life as a singer. The text of the piece, a poem by Fernando Pessoa, carries within it the Portuguese soul, a feeling of longing, of ‘saudade’, which we also encounter in the second composition that the choir sings. Hora Tremular is by the Dutch composer Joost Kleppe, who in the video talks about the inspiration behind his composition, an attempt to express the confusing state of being in love.

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