Netherlands Chamber Choir releases new CD

22 December 2019

We are releasing a new CD with work by the Russian/American composer Lera Auerbach! Her work, 72 Angels, was performed as world premiere by the Netherlands Chamber Choir and the Raschèr Saxophone Quartet. In 72 Angels, Auerbach set the names of 72 angels according to the Hebrew bible to music for choir and saxophone quartet. The result was described in Dutch press as ‘genius and a little bit crazy’ (NRC Handelsblad) and Parool: ‘eternal beauty and timeless sounding music’. The cd release is combined with the start of a new concert tour, during which the choir performs 72 Angels’ sequel: Goetia 72, in which Auerbach journeys into the world of the 72 demons.

The CD will be available from the 30th of January onwards. Want to receive a reminder when the sale starts? Subscribe to our newsletter below, and you’ll automatically receive a reminder!

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