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Netherlands Chamber Choir is looking for trainees!

Have you studied (classical) singing, but do you want to do more than just sing on stage? Do you have a broad repertoire, but really want to develop your improvisation skills? Or maybe you want to learn more about creative processes and artistic creation? Then apply now for one of the internships at NKK NXT 23/34, the talent development program of the Netherlands Chamber Choir! In the coming concert season, the Netherlands Chamber Choir will offer eight traineeships to talented young singers who are ready for the next step in their careers and who not only want to develop further as ensemble singers but also want to grow as creative thinkers and artists.

Trainees at NKK NXT 23/24 are offered a temporary appointment with the Netherlands Chamber Choir and are given the opportunity to learn, experiment and create. You become the co-creator of a new performance under the wings of the Netherlands Chamber Choir. In addition to the time you spend developing and creating this production, you will be coached by members and staff of the Netherlands Chamber Choir and several other leading experts in areas such as ensemble singing, improvisation, creative thinking, and stage presence – skills that will enable you to shape the future of choral music.

What is NKK NXT?

NKK NXT is the talent development program of the Netherlands Chamber Choir. The Netherlands Chamber Choir invests in the development of young singing talents through a temporary appointment as a trainee, coaching from the organization and singers of the Netherlands Chamber Choir itself, and guidance from cultural professionals in the fields of stage presentation, choreography, and artistic development – skills that are indispensable for up-and-coming artists. NKK NXT is a bridge between the recently graduated singer or maker and the professional field: an opportunity to gain experience in the cultural sector, but also to experiment, make new connections, and develop your own artistic vision.

The members of NKK NXT experiment, research, and create around the question ‘What is the future of ensemble singing?’ In this process, they are helped by experts in the field, including members and employees of the Netherlands Chamber Choir and experienced coaches in dance, theater, and performing arts. Cultural entrepreneurship is also an important part of the traineeship.

“NKK NXT gave me the opportunity to investigate what I can do as a singer to contribute to my vision of a better society” – Merel Wentink (NKK NXT 20/21)

In recent years, the success of the program has more than proven itself and resulted in beautiful performances and new paths taken within choral music – for example, NKK NXT 20/21 explored the interface between classical music and pop in a tour WILDERNIS, a performance by Wende Snijders and the choir collaborated with Froukje, Marina Abramović, Silbersee, and the Rosa Ensemble, among others. Previous groups made performances on themes such as burnout, artificial intelligence, and the art of living together. Former trainees are now working as theater makers, conductors, or singing in professional ensembles.

NKK NXT 21/22 met Wende - foto Bl

Practical information

If you are accepted, you will be given a temporary appointment as a trainee with the Netherlands Chamber Choir from mid-January to early June. The workload during the weeks will differ per week, but will average two days per week – the appointment is therefore 0.4 fte. This position is scaled in the Collective Labor Agreement (CAO) Music Ensembles on scale 4, step 0. You will also receive a travel allowance in accordance with the Collective Labor Agreement for travel between your place of residence (in the Netherlands) to the work location(s), which will mainly be in Utrecht.

The traineeship will start on January 15, 2024 (with a soaping day in the fall of 2023), after which you will work two to three days a week until the premiere at the end of May/early June. A number of performances are planned after the premiere – the payment for this will be equivalent to the payment during the traineeship itself.

Please note: If you do not live in the Netherlands and/or do not have the option of entering into employment within the Netherlands, we ask you to indicate this immediately with your audition registration. In the event of a successful audition, we will then discuss and try to resolve the additional logistical and administrative issues in consultation with you, but we cannot give any guarantees in advance.

You can apply for one of the 8 places via this form. The application deadline for NKK NXT 23/24 is Wednesday, August 23, 2023.


Application procedure

There are two audition rounds:

1. In the first round, you fill in a form in which we ask you to reflect on your learning wishes, your vision on the professional field, and the qualities you want to bring to the traineeship. At the end of the form, we also ask you to upload two files:

  • Your resume;
  • A video (maximum 5 minutes) in which you present yourself vocally/musically. What you sing is up to you, choose something that is close to your own experience and educational background and in which we can hear your voice well. You can possibly give a short introduction to what you are going to sing. You are free to be creative with the assignment, for example by submitting your own composition or showing/hearing other (artistic) qualities.

2. We will make a selection from the applications for the live auditions (second round) on September 22 and 23, 2023 (in Utrecht). You will be invited for 1 of the 2 days. In the second round, you will receive workshops in ensemble singing, improvisation, and theatricality together with other candidates. You will also sing in front of a committee.


Deadline and audition dates

The application deadline is August 23, 2023, 6:00 PM. You will hear on September 1 at the latest whether you will be invited for the 2nd round. If you are invited, you will immediately receive the program and the preparatory assignment(s). We will also send you a more detailed schedule of the traineeship. The live auditions are on September2 22 and 23, between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. You will be invited for 1 of the 2 days. You will hear no later than September 20 whether you have been admitted to NKK NXT.

Any questions:

Do you have questions about the NKK NXT trajectory or this vacancy? Please contact nxt@nederlandskamerkoor.nl

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