Gilad Nezer (bass)

Gilad’s singing talent was discovered when he was about 20 years old, and eventually appealed the musical profession to him more than a career as an engineer (which held him busy until he was 28 years old). In 2002 he moved to the Netherlands to study at the Royal Conservatory with Barbara Pearson and Diane Forlano.

Gilad is since 2004 a core-member at the Dutch Chamber Choir and he sings regularly with various ensembles such as Silbersee, the Netherlands Radio Choir and Huelgas.  This valuable ensemble experience joins a broad solo repertoire, including a number of opera and oratorio roles and diverse song and ensemble repertoire.

Gilad is specialized in Jewish liturgical singing. Since August 2005 he is the chief cantor of the Liberal Jewish Community in Amsterdam. He has performed at the Concertgebouw with a Jewish liturgical program as well as co-producing various liturgical and crossover programs, including “The Jew and his Jazz” in September 2011, and ‘Tehilim’ with the NKK in March 2011.

In August 2011, Gilad founded the KeyNote Foundation in order to professionally organize musical group activities and concerts for a broad range of publics: psychiatric hospitals, nursing homes, asylum centers etc.

Gilad believes that music should be available to everyone and that many people can benefit from it. He likes to share music and inspiration in both workshops, corporate training and personal coaching.

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