Mónica Monteiro (soprano)

Portuguese singer Mónica Monteiro began her musical studies as a violin student in her birth town, Figueira da Foz, Portugal.

She graduated in 2005 with Bachelor’s degree in Ear Training and in 2010 in Singing by Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa, Portugal.

After several years combining her work both as a teacher and as a singer, Mónica decided to focus on just one of her careers. She chose singing.

She worked with several choirs and ensembles in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Portugal: Nederlandse Bach Vereniging, Amsterdam Baroque Choir, Currende (Belgium), Gulbenkian Choir, Choir of the Teatro Nacional de S. Carlos, Casa da Música Choir, Officium Vocal Ensemble, Ensemble Capella Patriarchal, Olisipo vocal ensemble, Sete Lágrimas and Ludovice Ensemble (Portugal) and she was a founder member of the Internationales Vokalensemble Berlin (Germany) and of the Lisboa Cantat Chamber Choir (Portugal).

Mónica Monteiro recorded several works of the Portuguese Baroque Period, working as an ensemble choir and as a soloist.

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