Sing-along Days

During the 2022-2023 season the Netherlands Chamber Choir is presenting a new programme for amateur singers and choirs throughout the Netherlands: Singing days with the Netherlands Chamber Choir! In the course of the coming concert season, in cooperation with concert halls throughout the country, the Netherlands Chamber Choir is organising four Singing Days  during which choirs and individual singers from the entire region concerned come together for a day filled with choral singing. Participating singers will receive workshops from singers of the Netherlands Chamber Choir on such subjects as ensemble singing, use of the voice, and harmony. They will work together on a varied programme and at the end of the day will present their work to family, friends and acquaintances.

For all the Singing Days the Netherlands Chamber Choir will collaborate with local partners. For this reason the precise details of the day will differ per location, so please check the dates and ticketing links on our website for more information!

Singing Days

Alongside the Singing Days we are organising a number of shorter workshops around our concerts in Utrecht, in cooperation with ZIMIHC theatres. Workshop participants will not only receive extra background information about the concerts, but will also work with singers of the Netherlands Chamber Choir on a selection of pieces related to the Choir’s concerts. More information and dates can be found on this page.

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