Stichting Fonds NKK Mecenaat (NKK Fund)

The statutory objectives of the Stichting Fonds NKK Mecenaat (NKK Fund) are as follows: 'The Foundation, as a supporting foundation of the Netherlands Chamber Choir (NKK), aims to collect funds for projects and asset accumulation for the continuity of the NKK, and all that is related to or conducive to this, in the broadest sense of the word. The assets of the NKK Fund consist of donations, bequests, legacies, as well as other revenues. These assets are utilized to fulfill the purpose of the Foundation. 

Stichting Fonds NKK Mecenaat (NKK Fund)
Melle Meivogel

Visiting and postal address       
Doelenstraat 46, 3512 XJ Utrecht, The Netherlands    
Contact details    
telephone +31 30 230 30 24    

Board (voluntary)   
Arnold Schilder chairman
Yvonne Brzesowsky-Ruys secretary    
Olivier Sueur treasurer

RSIN / fiscal number      

Bank details    
IBAN: NL87 RABO 03559 47846 in name of: Stichting Fonds NKK Mecenaat    
The NKK Fund has been recognised as a cultural public benefit organisation (algemeen nut beogende instelling, or ANBI, in Dutch). This means that your donation is tax-deductible.
Chamber of Commerce: number 78161428

Beleidsplan 2022-2024    
ANBI-verantwoording NKK Fonds 2023
Jaarrekening NKK Fonds 2023
Jaarrekening NKK Fonds 2022    
Jaarrekening NKK Fonds 2021   
Jaarrekening NKK Fonds 2020    

Are you looking for the ANBI details of Stichting Nedserlands Kamerkoor (Netherlands Chamber Choir Foundation)? You can find them here. 

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