Talent development

The Netherlands Chamber Choir plays a prominent role in the Dutch choral world and invests in the richness and liveliness of Dutch choral culture. Through various projects the choir supports both amateur singers and young talented professionals.


NKK NXT is an innovative programme for young professionals, developed by the Netherlands Chamber Choir in 2017. Every year a new group of talented young singers and creators are employed by the Choir as trainees, with the sole assignment to create, develop and perform their own concert programme which explores the future of choral music. , The trainees receive coaching by both singers and staff from the Choir as well as external experts in order to provide them with valuable insights and experiences to kick-start their own careers. More information can be found here.

Masterspecialisation Ensemble Singing (Royal Conservatory The Hague)

Together with the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, the Netherlands Chamber Choir developed the Masterspecialisation Ensemble Singing. Students in this post-graduate programme actively participate in projects of the Choir and are coached by singers of the Choir, work with world-renown conductors and musicians and develop themselves into experienced ensemble singers.  More information...

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