NKK NXT: Choral singers of the future

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The Netherlands Chamber Choir (Nederlands Kamerkoor) makes impact: through innovative programming, unexpected collaborations and partnerships, and through a relevant artistic story. One of our other priorities is educating young talented singers and creators. This coming season, we are collaborating with choreographer and theatre maker Nicole Beutler in order to achieve that!

NKK NXT is the talent development programme of the Netherlands Chamber Choir (Nederlands Kamerkoor). In concert season 2020/2021 the fourth year of talented young singers and creators will be creating their own performance as part of a traineeship with the Netherlands Chamber Choir. The choir invests in the education and development of these talented your singers through a paid part-time placement as trainee, with extensive coaching by professionals from the choir and the cultural field. The trainees are not only coached in their skills in ensemble singing, but also in areas like stage presence, choreography and artistic development. NKK NXT is a bridge between the musicians and creators fresh out of music school and the professional cultural field: a chance to gain valuable stage experience, but also a place to experiment, develop as an artist and creative professional, and to make new connections.


A scene from Kaapdiegoeiekoop, a beach opera developed in collaboration with Silbersee and Gouden Haas. The performances were cancelled because of Covid-19, but these video clips were made for the online version of festival Oerol in 2020.

The succes of NKK NXT has been proven by now – the first three editions resulted in engaging and moving performances, based on themes and subjects from the lives of these young singers. Pioneering group NKK NXT 18/19 explored the subject of burn-outs among young people, the second year developed an alarming vision of a post-human world where technology gained a place among the singers. The most recent group of trainees consisted of 9 young women, who created a performance on beauty ideals and the power of the female voice. Part of the NKK NXT trainees continue with their shows after the programme ends and are still performing at festivals. Other partner organizations of the Netherlands Chamber Choir are also making use of the growing pool of talented young singers, leading to collaborations with for example Oerol, Gouden Haas, Silbersee, Chantal Acda and Wende.


“A breathtaking vision of the future…Phenomenal is an understatement.” – de Theaterkrant on NKK NXT 18/19: I want to be like you.


During the NKK NXT programme, trainees are not only coached on artistic matters like ensemble singing and voice use, but also on matters which prepare them for a life as a creative professional, like stage presence, artistic and theatrical development and other 21st-century dealings of artists. This way the trainees balance between a profession as ensemble singer and theatre maker, between tradition and innovation and between co-creating and personal leadership.



Do you have questions about NKK NXT in general? Please get in touch with Imre Ploeg, artistic leader of NKK NXT and education manager through imre.ploeg@nederlandskamerkoor.nl.



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