NKK NXT 22/23

Netherlands Chamber Choir and Rosa Ensemble

For the 22/23 concert season, the Netherlands Chamber Choir has joined forces with the Utrecht-based Rosa Ensemble.  The creative group of NKK NXT 22/23 is an integral part of a new co-production: Minaminotori. The performance is named after a Japanese island in the Pacific Ocean where recently more than 16 million tonnes of rare metals were found. The performance explores humanity’s search for a contemporary Holy Grail: rare metals which are needed for computer chips powering cell phones, computers and any other ‘smart’ device with computer chips. In Minamitori, NKK NXT and Rosa Ensemble focus on questions about human greed, hubris and self-destruction.

The vocalist from NKK NXT 22/23 is challenged to get involved in all aspects of this production and take on an active role in the creative process leading up to the performances. The trainees take on different roles, experiment, and learn in different positions, from being a composer to a light designer and from being a co-director to a producer.

Members of NKK NXT 22/23:

Emily Pahlawan Collinson (United Kingdom/Iraq)
Olga Grammatikopoulou (Greece)
Maria Eichler (Germany/Belgium)
Sean Bell (Norway/Scotland)
Ishtar Bakhtali (The Netherlands/ Suriname)
Maryana Golovchenko (Ukraine/The Netherlands)
Iolaysa Braga Tavares (The Netherlands/Cape Verde)
Alba Roorda Martinez (The Netherlands/Spain)

What is NKK NXT?

NKK NXT is the talent development program of the Netherlands Chamber Choir (Nederlands Kamerkoor). The choir invests in the education and development of these talented young singers through a paid part-time placement as a trainee, with extensive coaching by professionals from the choir and the cultural field. The trainees are not only coached in their skills in ensemble singing, but also in areas like stage presence, choreography, and artistic development. NKK NXT is a place to experiment, develop as an artist and creative professional, and to make new connections.

“At NKK NXT, I get the possibility to bring my idea of the future ensemble singing to life” – Juncai Zhang (NKK NXT 21/22)

The success of NKK NXT has been proven by now – the past editions resulted in engaging and moving performances, based on themes and subjects from the lives of these young singers, but also in collaborations with renowned artists and companies like Wende Snijders, Chantal Acda and Silbersee. Part of the NKK NXT trainees continue with their shows after the program ends. Performing at festivals. Former trainees are now working as theatre makers or conductors or are singing in professional ensembles.


Applications for NKK NXT 22/23 are now closed. If you have any questions about your application, please reach out to nxt@nederlandskamerkoor.nl

Do you have any questions about the NKK NXT program, the traineeship, or the application process? Reach out to Imre Ploeg, artistic director of NKK NXT, via nxt@nederlandskamerkoor.nl or call us at + 31 30 230 30 20.

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