NKK NXT 22/23: application form

Fill  in the form below to submit your application for NKK NXT 22/23! There are two parts in the form: in the first part, we ask you some general questions. In the second part we ask you some questions about your motivation and your views on the field of choral singing, and you are asked to submit a CV (in PDF) and a videofile. We recommend that you download the motivation questions and prepare your answers separate from this form to avoid losing your progress if something would happen while filling in the form.

Attention: the uploading of your video file takes place in our web environment which opens in a new window. After uploading you need to return to the form on this page to submit your application. Your application is submitted successfully only after you have received a confirmation by email.

Return to the detailed information about the NKK NXT programme by visiting this page.

The application deadline has passed. Do you have any questions? Send us an email at nxt@nederlandskamerkoor.nl!