The quiet Passion: Aus Liebe

9 March 2021

The St. Matthew and St. John Passion performances, a standing tradition in the Netherlands for countless singers, musicians and audience members, cannot continue because of Covid-19, now for the second year in a row. The experiences and emotions that singers, musicians and audience usually share in a concert hall or church are void, and both sacred and secular performance spaces remain silent. For ‘The quiet Passion’, the Netherlands Chamber Choir invited four singers to perform the aria from the St. Matthew Passion that is most dear to them or moves them the most. We invited four guests, each of their lives touched by the pandemic in a different way, to join and listen to this performance, to share their stories with each other. The series consist of four episodes – this is episode 1: Aus Liebe, with Mónica Monteiro (soprano) and Ineke Verbeek (nurse).



Read about the project and watch the other episodes here!


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For the second year in a row our musicians see their income plummeting due to the cancelled Passion performances where they would appear as soloist, singer, musician or conductor. We ask you to consider supporting our singers and to make a donation, which will be used for the benefit of the musicians of the Netherlands Chamber Choir. With you help we can offer much-needed to support to our (self-employed) musicians and keep making music at the highest level.

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The Matthew Mission with Reinbert de Leeuw

Order now through our webshop: the documentary, video registration and cd set of the St. Matthew Passion, conducted by Reinbert de Leeuw and performed by the Netherlands Chamber Choir and Holland Baroque.

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De stille Passie is een initiatief van het Nederlands Kamerkoor

Aflevering 1: Aus Liebe

Mónica Monteiro sopraan
Maartje van Wegen presentatie
Ineke Verbeek gast

Leon Berendse fluit
Esther van der Ploeg en Vincent van Wijk hobo
Gerard de Wit orgel

Imre Ploeg, Joost Verheggen, Niels de Groot redactie
Laura Jonker producent

Onno van Ameijde beeldregie
Jasper Verkaart camera, montage
Marijn Zurburg camera
Maarten Elzinga geluid en mastering

Met dank aan: TivoliVredenburg, St. Antonius Ziekenhuis Nieuwegein, Barbara Kos

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