Video installation ‘And now I am here’

This Saturday, May 28, prior to our concert Israel in Egypt in Amsterdam, Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, a video installation about displacement will be presented: And now I am here

Beeld: Farah Rahman / Creative Court

Image: Farah Rahman / Creative Court

About And now I am here:
In 2015, two Dutch journalists went on a search for stories of statelessness in Europe. They came across complicated regulations, coping mechanisms and realism. Building on their findings, Creative Court developed ´And now I am here.´, a poetic video installation, that questions feelings of displacement from various angles. Interview excerpts and quotes from literature and philosophy merge with the images of video artist Farah Rahman, whose work revolves around migration.

Creative Court develops art projects and reflects on peace and justice.

And now I am here. is a project by Creative Court.

Video artist: Farah Rahman
Research and interviews: Giselle Vegter, Els Duran, Evelien Vehof
Interpretation and translations: Carlijn Teeven, Myrte Sara Huyts, Morgan Mekertichian
Text printing & production: Anja Janssen
Artistic and business management: Creative Court
And now I am here. is part of the Art & Design Programma EU2016 Europe by People.

Thanks to the interviewees, and to the European Cultural Foundation, which enabled the preliminary research.

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