NKK NXT Blog #2: Live again!

7 mei 2021

De trainees van NKK NXT, het talentontwikkelingstraject van het Nederlands Kamerkoor, gaan onder begeleiding van professionals en coaches aan de slag met een eigen voorstelling. Ook zij moeten, net als het Nederlands Kamerkoor zelf, vanwege de coronamaatregelen digitale oplossingen zoeken voor hun voorstelling en maakproces. Twee van de trainees houden een blog bij om hun voortgang inzichtelijk te maken en te delen waar zij mee te maken krijgen in deze tijden. De groep bestaat voor ongeveer de helft uit internationals, dus de voertaal is Engels – zo ook in dit blog! Lees meer informatie over het NKK NXT traject op deze pagina.

text: Ariel Sin Yu Lee

#2 live again

Hello lovely beans! Last time Jobbe wrote about our way to work online, this time I will share with you the details of our live meetings. From late February onwards, we gradually resumed our live rehearsals. Yes! Finally, we could meet in person again! We were all very excited to see the 3D versions of our colleagues. We just had to play on the swing to express our happiness.


Although we resumed our physical way of working, one thing remains unchanged — our check-in and check-out ritual! After the check-in, we always start with some fun physical warm-ups, the Japanese swordfighters’ style “ho chin chuck” game is one of our favourites.


We first had a very exciting session to discuss and to try out some of our staging ideas and technical set-up in late Feb.

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This was followed by a lovely photo session for our interview with “Zing” magazine. You can check out our IG and Fb page for a glimpse of  the print. We are looking at each other with love in this photo! 😀

Picture: Anna van Kooij


A session with the dramaturgist Peggy Olislaegers was next on the program, a very rewarding experience. We had a presentation of our staging ideas to her and Peggy gave us a lot of insights and feedback on our presentation. She was really inspiring, as always! Below are some photos taken during our presentation and discussion session with her.


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Pictures: Anna van Kooij


We were so happy to see each other in person again, that we had champagne together after this work session as a small celebration.

Later in March, we conducted two experiments sessions on technical set-up and staging, some musical rehearsals and live meetings for discussion on our program. For your information: our show (tickets available soon) will be live-streamed and also with live audience. This however leaves for a lot of decisions to be made and and for set-ups to be tested, hence we tried out different lights, camera angles and movements.Moreover, we experimented with different ways to involve both the live and digital audience in our show.

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Our big sibling the NKK is very curious as to what we are creating and to give them an idea of our progress we did a little try-out for some colleagues from the office, who were kind enough to give them with some input on our staging ideas and musical program. Eline was there as a live audience and Imre was posing as the digital audience on Zoom. Both of them were very enthused with what we showed them, which was a satisfying result of a long days work.

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These sessions were not only very inspiring and a lot of fun, but also allowed us to finish a first draft of our show, an important marking stone that allows us to move on to the next chapter in our journey. Below are some photos from this lovely session!

In April, we shift our focus to our project with the wonderful artist Wende – two weeks of intensive rehearsals followed by two weeks of a small touring of Wende’s show “De Wildernis”.  There are 9 try-outs of this show in 8 different cities in NL. It’s a very rewarding and special experience for us.  We learn a lot in the process and we look forward to the autumn tour.


In our next blog entry, we will write about our rehearsals and performances in “De Wildernis”.

Stay tuned!

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