NKK Fund

In mid-2020, the NKK Mecenaat Foundation (NKK Fund) was established. Since then, larger periodic donations have been concluded through the NKK Fund. The purpose of establishing the NKK Fund is to strengthen the relationship with major donors and to further expand this group in the coming years.

The NKK Fund solicits larger private donations that benefit the Netherlands Chamber Choir through the fund. The Netherlands Chamber Choir may, if necessary, make requests to the fund for assistance in financing certain projects. Additionally, an important objective for the Fund is to build a reserve that the choir can rely on – even in times of changing political landscapes or disappointing results.

NKK Fund
Melle Meivogel


The board of the NKK Fund is committed to raising private funds that benefit the Netherlands Chamber Choir through the Fund. The NKK Fund is supported by the staff members and management of the Netherlands Chamber Choir. The NKK Fund has been recognised as a cultural public benefit organisation (algemeen nut beogende instelling, or ANBI, in Dutch). This means that your donation is tax-deductible. We would be happy to provide you with further information on this. 

Who are the board members of the NKK Fund? We would like to introduce them to you. 

"For me, the Chamber Choir is an ambassador of connection."

Arnold Schilder - chairman

Arnold Schilder – chairman

Arnold Schilder retired in 2019 at the age of 71, after a multi-faceted career in accountancy, banking supervision and international regulation. He studied theology and accountancy - coming together with a keen interest in professional ethics and professional governance. His appointment as chairman of the NKK Fund is a challenge he has accepted with great enthusiasm: "The NKK Fund was established in mid-2020 to encourage private financial support for the Netherlands Chamber Choir. Its official name is Stichting Fonds NKK Mecenaat.. Gaius Julius Maecenas was a Roman statesman in the first century BC, and he is described as a "protector and sponsor of the arts". The Netherlands Chamber Choir can't have enough of those!"

Arnold Schilder – chairman

"The world needs the Netherlands Chamber Choir, in these times more than ever."

Olivier Seuer - treasurer

Olivier Sueur – treasurer

"The Netherlands Chamber Choir has its finger on the pulse of the zeitgeist, it touches and connects people, it influences the zeitgeist itself. The world needs the Netherlands Chamber Choir, in these times more than ever."

Ever since his childhood, Olivier Sueur has had a great love for singing, partly due to his family singing polyphonic songs together at every opportunity. During his law studies in Amsterdam, side jobs served to finance the many music subscriptions. Since 2015, Olivier has been actively involved with the Netherlands Chamber Choir.

Olivier Sueur – treasurer

"The Netherlands Chamber Choir knows how to move and connect people. This is enormously important and valuable in the current time. Support and appreciation are therefore not only very justified but also highly necessary."

Yvonne Brzesowsky-Ruys - secretary

Yvonne Brzesowsky-Ruys - secretary

“The Netherlands Chamber Choir occupies a unique position. The choir has (international) allure, and innovation, renewal, and societal connection are highly valued - aspects in which the Netherlands has a rich tradition. The NKK gives sound and color to personal and societal themes, moving and connecting people in the process. This is incredibly important and valuable in the current era. Therefore, support and appreciation are not only very justified but also highly necessary.”

Music has always played an important role in Yvonne Brzesowsky-Ruys's life. "It gives me peace, inspiration, and perspective. It is a beautiful counterbalance to the daily hustle and bustle and digitalization of work and contacts." Yvonne is actively involved in ICT in her professional life and its contribution to societal issues. In recent years, she has been working at the intersection of digitalization and energy transition. Since January 2024, she has been a board member of the NKK Fund.

Yvonne Brzesowsky-Ruys - secretary

More information

Additional functions

Prof. Dr. Arnold Schilder chairman

Additional functions

Yvonne Brzesowsky-Ruys secretary
Global Industry Director Energy & Resources Microsoft

Additional functions

Olivier Sueur treasurer
Senior Advisor Human Connection B.V.

Additional functions (unpaid)
Member of the Advisory Board of the District Court of Midden-Nederland
Advisor to the Freeset Foundation


Would you like to learn more about the ways to support the Netherlands Chamber Choir? View the options here. Do you want to get in touch with the NKK Fund or the board members? You can do so via fonds@nederlandskamerkoor.nl or +31 30 230 30 24.



The (ANBI-)details of the NKK Fund, can be found here. 


ANBI details NKK Fund
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