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The Netherlands Chamber Choir explores the boundaries of choral music. For almost ninety years and at the highest level. Our programs in the areas of talent development, participation, and education contribute to the flourishing of Dutch choral culture.

All of this is not possible without you. The support of our donors, sponsors, and funds makes a difference. Your support is crucial to touch, inspire, and connect with new generations as well.

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The Netherlands Chamber Choir touches, inspires, and connects. But we can't do this alone. Support us as an individual, company, fund, or foundation.

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The Netherlands Chamber Choir stands for top quality, creates boundary-pushing programs, and invests in the Dutch choral world in the areas of talent development, education, and participation. The support of our individual donors, sponsors, and funds is indispensable in achieving these goals.

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How your support helps

"The Netherlands Chamber Choir is like a jewel to me: something to be enjoyed! And to continue enjoying it for a long time, I want to support the NKK. Whether it's for education, top quality, or innovation, it's all essential!"

Yolande Gleis, donor

"The concerts of the Netherlands Chamber Choir move, captivate, and intrigue us, and we enjoy them every time."

Maartje van Weegen en Joop Daalmeijer, member of The Nobelkring

"Whatever the NKK sings, it always touches the heart. From Bach to Auerbach, from the Renaissance to the 21st century. This choir must keep singing!"

Liesbeth Steendijk en Foekje Dijk, member of The Nobelkring

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We would be happy to discuss with you how you would like to support the Netherlands Chamber Choir. For more information, please contact our colleagues Margot Palmen and Margriet Stok at phone number +31 (0)30 230 30 20 or +31 (0)6 1495 79 74.

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