Gilad Nezer - Basso

Gilad (1973) worked as a mechanical engineer until he was 28, while at 20 he discovered that a career in music appealed to him more. In 2002, he came to the Netherlands to study at the Royal Conservatoire.

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Gilad Nezer - Basso

Gilad regularly sings with various ensembles such as Silbersee, the Groot Omroepkoor and the Huelgas Ensemble. As a soloist, he has performed several opera and oratorio roles. Since 2005, Gilad has been the permanent cantor of the Liberal Jewish Congregation in Amsterdam. He specialises in Jewish-liturgical singing. For instance, he performed several times in the Concertgebouw with a Jewish-liturgical programme. He also produced some liturgical and crossover programmes himself. In 2011, he founded KeyNote Foundation to organise musical group activities and concerts on a professional level at target groups such as psychiatric institutions, nursing homes and asylum seekers' centres.

Gilad has four children, spread evenly over as many as two continents. His two eldest children, Omri and Daniƫlle, live in Israel. He visits them regularly. His two younger children Tom and Jonathan live in the Netherlands.

Gilad has been part of the Netherlands Chamber Choir since 2004.

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