Previous Editions NKK NXT

The success of the NKK NXT programme has now more than proved itself: the first three years resulted in compelling and stimulating performances, based on themes and motifs from the lifeworld of the young singers. Pioneering group NKK NXT 17/18 delved into burn-outs among young people, the second batch developed an alarming vision of a post-humanist world in which man and technology increasingly merge. The 19/20 NKK NXT group consisted of nine women who addressed beauty ideals, individualism, and the power of the female voice. Some of the singers choose to continue with the performance even after the trajectory - a number of performances could be seen at several festivals. In addition, cultural partners of the Nederlands Kamerkoor also find their way to this up-and-coming talent, and participants have appeared in varying line-ups in collaborations with Oerol, Gouden Haas, Silbersee and Chantal Acda, among others.

Previous Editions NKK NXT
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