The Nederlands Kamerkoor plays a prominent role in the Dutch choral sector and invests in maintaining and further developing choral culture. The performance, what you see as a spectator at a concert in the hall is always the result of an intensive process of studying and rehearsing. You do not often get the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes of the Nederlands Kamerkoor, but several times a year we are happy to open our doors and you can sing along yourself with singers from the Nederlands Kamerkoor.

Sing along with the Nederlands Kamerkoor

Suddenly you find yourself facing Chief Conductor Peter Dijkstra, or standing next to one of our choir members singing. You get tips and tricks, or experience the intensity of rehearsals of the Nederlands Kamerkoor. Several times a year we open our doors to choirs, singers and enthusiasts. The perfect opportunity to take a look behind the scenes of our choir and even sing along with our singers. You can't get any closer to those beautiful voices.

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Sing along with the Nederlands Kamerkoor
Fotograaf: Niels Knelis

It was a great day! Learned a lot from you guys for which thanks!


"A wonderful day, with lots of happy singers!"


"It was great to participate, along with almost all the other members of Vivavox!"


Context programming

With our programs we want to tell current and urgent stories. On stage but also off stage. With introductions, interviews and meetings between audience and artists, we provide a context to the performance that enriches the experience for concertgoers.

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Context programming

"How wonderful it was, the hours flew by, wonderful that I could be here! Thank you very much and I look forward to the concert."


"The rehearsal was one big prayer. Moving to know how close the program comes to many singers. 🙏 ❤"


"Enjoyed the public rehearsal in Utrecht."


Public Rehearsals

Just as for the choir, a public rehearsal is the perfect preparation for the concert for you as a spectator and is the opportunity to really see the Nederlands Kamerkoor at work.

Public Rehearsals


The Nederlands Kamerkoor supports conductor Rohan Poldervaart in the development of a diverse Utrecht youth choir called Yara. Yara is about polyphony in the broadest sense. A choir that propagates that singing is for all of us. We as NKK want to give others and ourselves the opportunity to listen to their stories, their sound. The choir as a metaphor for a connected society.

Unlike most extracurricular youth choirs, Yara is a choir without an audition. Anyone who wants their voice heard is welcome. Yara also stands out because the process is at least as important as the result. The group chooses its own topics, writes its own lyrics and compositions.

In November 2023, YARA's first project took place at ZIMIHC Wittevrouwen. In three Sundays the group, led by Rohan Poldervaart, made their own song and filmed a video clip.

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