The Nederlands Kamerkoor plays a prominent role in the Dutch choral sector and invests in maintaining and further developing choral culture. In addition, the Nederlands Kamerkoor offers scope for training and guiding young talented singers and makers in various programmes. On this page, you will find information on how to join the Nederlands Kamerkoor.


The Nederlands Kamerkoor supports conductor Rohan Poldervaart in the development of a diverse Utrecht youth choir called YARA. YARA is about polyphony in the broadest sense. A choir that propagates that singing is for all of us. We as NKK want to give others and ourselves the opportunity to listen to their stories, their sound. The choir as a metaphor for a connected society.

Unlike most extracurricular youth choirs, YARA is a choir without an audition. Anyone who wants to make their voice heard is welcome. YARA also stands out because the process is at least as important as the result. The group chooses its own topics, writes its own lyrics and compositions.

In November 2023, YARA's first project took place at ZIMIHC Wittevrouwen. In three Sundays, the group led by Rohan Poldervaart made their own song and filmed a music video.

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Masterspecialisatie Ensemblezang

In close collaboration with the Netherlands Chamber Choir, the Royal Conservatory in The Hague organizes the Master's Specialization in Ensemble Singing. This program, designed for graduate students in Classical Singing, provides talented vocalists with the opportunity to directly connect their studies with practical experience, offering a seamless transition to the professional field. The new Master's Specialization is set to commence in the 2025-2026 season.

Students will spend a significant part of their education with the Netherlands Chamber Choir and NKK NXT. This allows them to work with a variety of distinguished international conductors and seasoned professionals from the Netherlands Chamber Choir. Repertoire spanning from the Middle Ages to contemporary music will be explored. In addition to ensemble singing skills, the program focuses on developing artistic vision, entrepreneurship, and a sense of authorship. Students operate at the intersection of ensemble singing and theater, bridging the gap between singer and creator, tradition and innovation, and co-creation and personal leadership.

Thanks to the close collaboration with the Netherlands Chamber Choir, students can directly apply their skills within a professional environment.

Registration opens in October 2024. More information will follow.

Masterspecialisatie Ensemblezang
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